It took fifteen years for the octet to lose a member, but it finally happened on the first day of November in 2017. After the Houston Astros finished off the Los Angeles Dodgers, the list of baseball teams without a World Series championship dropped to seven.

All but two members of the septet have at least made it to the Fall Classic, including one club who has made it twice. The San Diego Padres, who first joined Major League Baseball as part of the four team expansion in 1969, won pennants in both 1984 and 1998.

In spite of having made those two appearances, the Padres have won only one World Series game in the team’s history. They were swept in 1998 by the Yankees, so their sole victory had come against the Detroit Tigers in game two fourteen years earlier. (Andy Hawkins, a future Yankees starter who would lose a complete game where he allowed no hits, is the only San Diego pitcher to record a World Series win.)

The Brewers, then an American League club, lost the ultimate championship round to the St. Louis Cardinals back in 1982. Given that Milwaukee ruled the N. L. Central for the first half of 2017, the Brew Crew has a decent shot at being the next of this septet to win the World Series.

Two and a half decades later, the Colorado Rockies made their only appearance in the World Series. They had barely reached the playoffs as the Wild Card team, but they stayed hot enough until the Boston Red Sox swept them. The Rockies did return to the postseason in 2017, so they have a legitimate shot of getting their first title in the near future.

The following fall Tampa Bay beat out the Red Sox and Yankees to win not only the A.L. East, but also the pennant. Unfortunately, the Philadelphia Phillies beat them in five games to win the World Series.

In spite of their losses in the Fall Classic, all three of those clubs have at least captured a pennant. The same cannot be said for the Seattle Mariners or the Washington Nationals. Both clubs have been perennial contenders throughout this decade, and each one has actually boasted the best record in its league without surviving the playoffs.

The Nationals of course are the most likely to leave this list in 2018, given its excellent rotation and former Most Valuable Player Bryce Harper. The least likely to bring home its first World Series title would be San Diego, which is in the middle of a rebuilding phase.